The Nelson Park neighborhood was selected for our first BLOCK BY BLOCK project; allowing us the opportunity to promote a neighborhood that offers convenient access to Lake Decatur, the Devon, the dog park, and Outlook Adventure Park.  


Fall 2020

Home Projects

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2317 E. Wood. St.

Housing Updates

  • Replaced guttering ($800)

  • Upgraded landscaping ($500)

  • Painted porch, mailbox, and porch furniture

  • New street address numbers

  • Re-upholstered porch furniture (owner’s upgrade project)

  • Yard cleanup completed by owners

  • Leveled ground around fire hydrant

  • Replaced and painted porch railing (Heartland Academy Project)

Homeowner adopted a street in return for Block by Block's support.


City of Decatur provided dumpsters so debris could be removed from the property and surrounding area.

601 S. 23rd Pl.

Housing Updates

  • Successfully nominated homeowner for PEO grant to help her catch up on overdue bills. (Over $2000)

  • Cleaned up landscaping (Heartland Academy project)

    • 20 bags of landscape waste and 20 bundles of sticks 

  • Added 3 tons landscaping rocks ($400)

  • Painted back door

  • New street address numbers

  • New flower pots for the porch

  • Anchored and painted water pump for decorative accent

  • Increased security with a video doorbell

  • Cleaned back porch and staged for a restful retreat