BLOCK BY BLOCK is a 501(c)3 organization focused on 

revitalizing neighborhoods with community engagement and private investment.  

  •  Where: Decatur Neighborhoods

  • Assisting homeowners to improve their curb appeal with free repair and landscaping services.

  • Assisting homeowners to stay in their homes by making necessary emergency or life safety repairs.  

  • While we directly impact individuals and families, we also improve economic stability by keeping long-term, existing homeowners in their homes. This stabilizes neighborhoods and the tax base paid to the city.

  • Channeling our community's volunteer spirit to promote neighborhood revitalization one home, one block one neighborhood at a time. 

  • While the services we provide are free to homeowners, they do require a commitment to give back to the community. The commitment from the homeowner, or the homeowner's family, friends, or faith organization will help us provide more services to our community. 

  • Since over 60% of our housing stock in our central neighborhoods is rental property, landlords will also be encouraged to participate.  A matching program will be established to provide incentives for landlords to upgrade their properties. 

  • We will encourage volunteer participation from multiple generations, to teach the responsibilities and benefits of home ownership. 




Help us achieve our mission.  Your financial support or in kind donations are needed and appreciated.    THANK YOU