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  • Actively engage residents in the revitalization process.

  • Maximize the resources available for revitalization through the coordination of City Departments and stakeholders.

  • Implement a revitalization model that is sustainable, can be evaluated based upon neighborhood specific conditions, and replicated throughout the city.



As we gain sponsors and volunteers, our projects will grow to address the needs of our community.  We will work collaboratively with existing agencies to achieve our mission.  Revitalizing our neighborhoods shall make our community more attractive and desirable to all demographics.

Home Repairs

We will provide a variety of services to upgrade the exterior of a home to improve curb appeal, and reduce the risk of structural damage.  During the winter months we focus our efforts on emergency home repairs. 

Landscaping Upgrades

Each project will include landscaping upgrades, which could include trimming, planting and hardscape. 

Reducing Code Violations

As we grow our sponsors and funds, we will be able to assist home owner with repairs that will eliminate repeated City Administrative Court for code violations.

Teaching the Next Generation

We want to engage youth in understanding the benefits and responsibilities of home ownership. We will be teaching the skills that could lead to pursuing a career in the trades. In 2020 Heartland Academy partnered with us to upgrade porches and clean landscapes.

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Engaging the entire community to do more to clean-up each spring and fall. 

Promoting clean public spaces, neighborhoods, and entertainment districts.

Promoting Neighborhood Resources

Reaching out to ensure homeowners are informed about the resources available to maintain their independence and quality of life.  


We are starting small to make certain we are carefully managing the process.  In time, we plan on growing large enough to  establish a program that can be as impactful as Revitalize Milwaukee.  Check out their website for details.


Invest in our neighborhoods

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