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We are working in our older stable neighborhoods to promote revitalization activities.  We have completed projects in the Nelson Park, Clokey Park and John's Hill neighborhoods.  


2021 Projects

2020 Projects

2317 E. Wood. St.

Housing Updates

  • Replaced guttering ($800)

  • Upgraded landscaping ($500)

  • Painted porch, mailbox, and porch furniture

  • New street address numbers

  • Re-upholstered porch furniture (owner’s upgrade project)

  • Yard cleanup completed by owners

  • Leveled ground around fire hydrant

  • Replaced and painted porch railing (Heartland Academy Project)

Homeowner adopted a street in return for Block by Block's support.


City of Decatur provided dumpsters so debris could be removed from the property and surrounding area.

601 S. 23rd Pl.

Housing Updates

  • Successfully nominated homeowner for PEO grant to help her catch up on overdue bills. (Over $2000)

  • Cleaned up landscaping (Heartland Academy project)

    • 20 bags of landscape waste and 20 bundles of sticks 

  • Added 3 tons landscaping rocks ($400)

  • Painted back door

  • New street address numbers

  • New flower pots for the porch

  • Anchored and painted water pump for decorative accent

  • Increased security with a video doorbell

  • Cleaned back porch and staged for a restful retreat

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